Since 1998 Chibitek (formerly ACS Tech & Mac IT Serviceshas flourished in business by seeking out tri-state area companies and home offices that needed reliable assistance in technology and system development.  While we originally provided tech support for Mac and PC in NYC, now we are servicing the Delaware and the Eastern Maryland area!


Chibitek was established due to a gaping need for trustworhty consultation with effective solutions to everyday business problems. Customers also lacked a firm that could execute on the plan and deliver their technology projects in a simple, efficient manner to cut costs, focus on the core business and quickly respond to growth opportunities while ensuring the safety of their company as well as family.


We’ve listened to our valued customers and have expanded our services to meet their business and home office requirements.  Graphic designs, logo creation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and VoIP are some of the services and partnerships be have added to better server our customers.  
We are always working with our partners to offer a complete solution package at a fair rate.


We promise to remain faithful to the principles that have got us to where we are today


"Prompt, Professional and Personalized Service with a Smile.”




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