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Chibitek MSP IT services provide proactive help!

When you decide to work with Chibitek, you’re bound to get nearly zero downtime, improved IT performance, and reduced glitches. Chibitek software agents can detect issues from afar and aid in preventing these problems from worsening. Not only does this make business operations much faster and smoother, but your workforce is more productive. 

MSP IT services have changed the playing field

Bigger corporations usually have large in-house IT teams to take care of their tech needs and business systems. Small-to-medium-sized enterprises don’t share the same extent of financial resources, they’re usually the ones who are believed to be left out and spared from great IT help. But that is no longer the case today


One of the most obvious advantages of IT managed services is the capacity to outsource the expertise of the most experienced IT professionals in the industry. By doing so, the kind of tech help established companies enjoy is now equally accessible to start-ups.  We have small to medium clients even with their own IT departments which we compliment in services and knowledge.  

Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider Chibitek?

Technology is undeniably the biggest component that keeps a business running. As a matter of fact, it’s altered how so many companies make transactions and conduct communications strategies. The advent of technology has now improved productivity and business decision-making techniques. As a result, it’s only imperative for business leaders to keep up and set-up a smooth-flowing IT management process to assist them with daily business and IT concerns. This is why engaging with Chibitek (MSP) now directs you in the right path to success for your company.

It’s important for entrepreneurs to have IT professionals they can trust with computers, servers, their infrastructure and other software types that demand experts for their own version of TLC. Forming your own IT team can be helpful, but his also could be extra pricey.  high salaries, insurance, benefits and bonuses! 


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Maria, Office Manager

We love the fact that Chibitek and their teams support all our workstations regardless if its a PC or a Mac.

Hiroko, CFO

IT support to all our Macs for a flat fee per  employee - no more guessing what the IT expenditures will be.  Its like paying a regular utility invoice!

Tom, CEO

we are small staff of 30 with no internal IT.  Chibitek has grown with us since we had a total of 5 and I was running around changing toner cartridges!

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