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How to change your slack profile picture: A step-by-step guide

Changing your Slack profile picture is more than a vanity move. It helps your team recognize you and adds a layer of professionalism to your communications.

Table of Contents

Changing Your Slack Profile Picture on iOS

1. To change your Slack profile picture on iOS, open the Slack app and navigate to your workspace.

Slack window

2. Tap on 'You' in the bottom menu, touch the current profile photo, then 'Edit Photo', and select how to upload a new photo.

Slack profile window

Slack profile window to upload a new photo

How to Resize Photo for Slack Profile

Various tools can resize your photo, including Photoshop and free online editors like Pixlr. Aim for a square image, ideally 512x512 pixels.

Changing Slack Profile Picture Color

You can't directly change the color of your Slack profile picture through the Slack app. However, you can modify your image using graphic software before uploading it.

Slack Profile Picture Generators

If you're not a designer, try using a Slack profile picture generator. Websites like Avatarmaker offer pre-designed avatars that you can customize.

Optimal Slack Profile Picture Size

The recommended size for Slack profile pictures is 512x512 pixels. Smaller images can appear pixelated.

Troubleshooting: Slack Profile Picture Not Showing

If your profile picture isn't showing, check the file size (it should be under 2MB) and format (JPEG, PNG, or GIF).


Personalizing your Slack profile picture is crucial for effective team interaction. Make sure to use the right tools and guidelines to ensure you look your best.

Additional Resources

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