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Seamlessly Transfer Data to Your New iPhone or iPad with Quick Start

Automatically Configure Your New iOS Device Using an Existing iPhone or iPad.

Quick Start will engage both devices; choose a moment when you can spare your current device for a few minutes.

Ensure your current device is connected to Wi-Fi with Bluetooth enabled. Power on your new device and place it close to your existing one. Follow the on-screen prompts to begin. If the setup prompt vanishes from your current device, reboot both devices.

  1. Link your device to a Wi-Fi network or use its cellular connection.

  2. You might be asked to activate your cellular service.

  3. Set up the Face ID or Touch ID.

  4. Select your preferred method for data transfer.

    • Downloading from iCloud allows your apps and data to install in the background, letting you use your new device immediately.

    • If you opt for a direct transfer from your old device, both devices will be unusable until the transfer is fully complete.

  1. Maintain close proximity between your devices and keep them plugged in until data migration is done. Transfer duration may vary due to network conditions and data volume.


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